WordPress website management, Consultant & Support Service - SiteTrustee

Is your business' online presence too much to manage?

Does your business depend on registrations/bookings, information requests, and customer support?


SiteTrustee will facilitate all of these functions by managing them online for you, 24/7, so you can focus on your business and not your website.

  • Reduce the phone calls to your office and reach new markets of customers that don't want to make a phone call.
  • Let your staff focus on your business, and not learning how to update your website.
  • Provide services to your prospects and clients 24/7 without hiring new staff.
  • The website can work on holidays and the weekend with special pay.
  • Allow your prospects register for your events right on your website. 
  • Provide helpful information right on your website, so your customers don't have to call in and can access it 24 hours a day.

Professional Website Management

Is Your Website Right for SiteTrustee?

  • eCommerce

    We support retailers, SaaS providers and sellers of all kinds.

  • Booking & Reservations

    We'll help you with online or in-person class registration or event bookings.

  • Business Lead Generation

    Let's get you the leads and appointment bookings your business needs.

Website Security Assessment


In this age of data breaches and viral PR nightmares, website security should be top-of-mind for serious business owners. SiteTrustee will help you reinforce your web security systems and prevent breaches.

Like a Security Guard

  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Malware scanning
  • Security checks


From simple search-engine targeting to content-additions or updates to plugins and tools, we provide monthly WordPress maintenance. We make sure your sites stay relevant and perform at their peak. 


  • Website Software Updates
  • Error Log Fixes
  • Database Cleanup


You have plenty on your plate already, running your business and managing customer relations. Remembering to constantly check your sites for bugs or updates takes you away from what you do best. Let us take on the job of supporting your sites.      

Access to Developers

  • Install new plugins
  • Configure forms
  • Fix CSS


If you want to compete in the digital space, you must be vigilant. Consistently reviewing error logs, SEO performance, site analytics and consumer habits is critical, but time consuming. We can help you be proactive, not reactive, in optimizing your website content.      

Continuous Improvement

  • Speed Optimization
  • On-Page SEO

Imagine! No more worries about your website.

With a brief phone call we can find the right solution for you.