Case Studies



An independent producer in Hollywood was actively pitching concepts with studios.  With the worst timing in the world, his site gets hacked with a militant terrorist-like message.  The client is out of his mind with worry that major studio reps would see the hack, or worse - have their systems attacked by malware.

The SiteTrustee monitoring identified his site was hacked and we restored his site within 1 hour.

A maid-service client was committed to moving marketing efforts forward but required clear ability to track results. Referral spam skewed all the numbers - views, visits, so that it was impossible to tell whether a particular marketing channel was working effectively.  Employing a combination of tools within the Protocol let us eliminate referral spam, which in turn allowed analytics information to be relevant. The client could then confidently move forward with their marketing efforts.



While testing a client's site after updating a few WordPress plugins we identified that the site was not working as expected.

We immediately restored the live site to a previous version, then copied it over to a staging site to reinstall the update and work out the issue issue before applying the update to the live site.

Our client's site was able to stay up servicing their customers while we fixed the issue in the background.

A preschool's site was so slow to load (10 seconds for a typical page) that the bounce rate was excessively high,  and the number of pages per visit were well below industry standard. We moved them to a SiteTrustee server, applied the Nine-Point Protocol, and reduced the site load-time to under 4 seconds. Search engine rank improved, bounce rate improved.

Imagine! No more worries about your website.

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